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1:28 Snowspeeder T-47 - Star Wars - Easykit

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Out of stock REV6661 REVELL 1:28

Quick Overview:

Plastic scale model kit.
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Plastic scale model kit exact replica of the actual prototype recreated to the smallest detail.

Material: Polystyrene (plastic)

The kit also includes assembly instructions, no paints or glue needed!

The T-47 airspeeder was a model of low-altitude vehicle manufactured by Incom Corporation. When the Alliance to Restore the Republic was stationed on the icy planet of Hoth, a contingent of T-47 airspeeders were modified to become ground attack, low-altitude fighters called snowspeeders. Hoth's extreme cold temperatures were too severe for these craft; the power generators would lock up since they ran hot, requiring a large bank of heat radiator fins for essential cooling. Rebel technicians modified the T-47 airspeeder by insulating each radiator fin with side panels to decrease the heat exchange in order to better suit the new environment.

A small, wedge-shaped vehicle, the Alliance snowspeeder was a two-man craft, with a pilot and a rear-facing tailgunner. It had two heavy, forward-facing laser cannons and a harpoon cannon placed ahead of the tailgunner. During the Battle of Hoth, these snowspeeders used tow cables to easily disable All Terrain Armored Transport walkers by firing the tow cable and chasing it out around the walker's legs, stopping its locomotion and immobilising the walker.

Additional Information

Article No REV6661
Article No of Manufacturer 6661
Аvailability Out of stock
Delivery -
Colour Painted
Scale 1:28
Manufacturer REVELL
Material Polystyrene (plastic).
Epoch No
Age recommendation Not suitable for children under 8 years.

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