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Frequently Asked Questions



What is a die-cast model?

A die-cast model is a model or a toy produced by using the method of die casting. There models are made of metal and their details are made of other material such as glass, plastic or rubber. The metal used is a lead alloy or Zamak (known also as Mazak)- a zinc alloy with added copper and aluminium. The most common die-cast models are scale models of cars and other autos, aircraft, trains and construction equipment.


What is a scale model kit?

A scale model is a three-dimensional representation of an object. The models scale is represented in a fraction (1:100, 1:72, 1:35, etc.)- the greater the denominator, the smaller the scale model. A scale model kit is a scale model that needs to be assembled. It is made of plastic, most commonly polystyrene (injection-molded). The parts are glued together using solvent-based adhesive, epoxy or white glue and then they are painted using a paintbrush or an airbrush. Typically screen-printed water-slide decals and other model identification badges are provided in the kit for complex models such as aircraft, tanks and automobiles. The assembled model is meant to be displayed in a box or integrated into a diorama.


When was the first plastic model kit made?

In 1936 the UK based company FROG manufactured a range of model kits in 1:72 scale.


What is a model train?

A model train is a scaled down three-dimensional representation of a real train. The scale is represented in letters that correspond to fractions and different tracks. For example H0 is 1:87.1 scale and is compatible with 16.5 mm gauge track. Larger scale model trains (G, O) are much more detailed than smaller scales but take a lot of room. Smaller scales (H0, TT, N) allow for easier building of intricate railroads dioramas with tunnels, mountains and bridges.


What is a radio-controlled model?

The first radio-controlled model was a boat, demonstrated by NOKIA TESLA in 1898! Nowdays there are thousands of different RC models, but their basic parts are the same- they consist of a transmitter (controller) with buttons, sticks, switches; the receiver is mounted in the rc model and process the signal from the transmitter translating it into signals that are then sent to the servos. The numbers of serVos in the model determines the number of channels that the radio must provide.


What is a quadcopter?

А quadcopter, also known as quadrotor helicopter or only quadrotor, is a multirotor helicopter propelled by four rotors (vertically oriented propellers). It is a rotorcraft as opposed to fixed-wing aircraft.


What is a drone?

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle-UCAV or UAV that has varying levels of autonomy to complete tasks or is under real-time human control. Drones are widely used in modern warfare. In the civil sphere, drones are of interest to RC model collectors.