One Less Thing to Worry About



Now when you shop on our site with PayPal, your shipping costs can be refunded* if you change your mind. You don’t have to worry anymore. Your cost of return postage will be refunded on your PayPal account. Valid also on international purchases. Find out here how to benefit from this new service from your very next purchase with us.

* The Refunded Returns service is offered by PayPal Pte. Ltd. See General Conditions of Use


What are the important points:  

1. You are registered with PayPal as an holder of a PayPal account resident in Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovenia, Croatia, Latvia, Estonia, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal and your PayPal account is not suspended or limited;

2. You have made an online purchase of an item and used the above PayPal account as the sole means of payment for the entirety of that purchase;

3. You have activated the Service on the web page.

4. You have initiated your return of the item purchased above within the return period and in accordance with the return conditions authorized by the seller (a person or an entity selling goods via a marketplace, eg. eBay seller, hereinafter the "seller”) or by the merchant (other persons or entities selling goods outside marketplaces, eg. e-shops, hereinafter the “merchant”);

5. You have mailed the relevant item back to the seller or merchant through Czech, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Latvian, Estonian, Cypriot, Maltese or Portuguese post regular mail, courier, or any other regular shipping options or services.

6. You have submitted a refund request for the shipping costs (hereinafter: the "Refund request”) related to that return within 30 calendar days of mailing the returned item in accordance with the terms and conditions of these GCU and processes published by PayPal from time to time; and

7. PayPal has approved your refund request.

Please refer to the General Conditions of Use  for more details.