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Terms and Conditions

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Company details:

HOBBYLAND Ltd, VAT BG200812053, Mailing address: William Gladstone Street 52, Hobbyland Shop, Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria,  Phone: +359 89 4492525 

In his work Hobbyland aims to be in full service to its customers by providing quality goods and services in accordance with the highest global standards. In the event of disputes or misunderstandings between Hobbyland and its customers Hobbyland undertakes first to propose a mutually acceptable solution. In case of refusal of either party to adopt a mutually acceptable solution the following rights and obligations will come into force.

General conditions

When you visit, viewing or using this site, you declare that you understand and agree to those same rights and obligations as the legal equivalent of a signed written agreement between the parties and accept and agree to fulfill the conditions of this contract. Hobbyland reserves the right to modify these terms at any time and any reason and if you continue to use this site following such change will be deemed to consent to and acceptance of the changed conditions and the content of this contract.


Hobbyland guarantee you that your personal information submitted in the process of purchase will be securely protected. In no event and under no pretext, we will not sell or provide your personal information to third parties. We undertake to use such information only in the process of implementation and execution of your order and in need of help with your future orders. By default, certain authorized third parties involved in the payments, delivery and other activities related to the performances of your contracts have access to parts of our database, which are linked to the performance of their duties.


Unless otherwise explicitly stated, all content on this site, including text, graphics, pictures and logos are the property of Hobbyland, its suppliers or manufacturers of the goods and products and are protected by international laws to protect copyrights.


Hobbyland’s aim is to deliver its customers the newest products and latest information related thereto. All information relating to the goods and services offered on this site shall be agreed in advance with manufacturers and suppliers of relevant goods and services and is monitored daily and independently, both from themselves and from the site administrators. However, information related to characteristics of certain goods and services on this site may contain some inaccuracies, misspellings or typographical errors and obsolete data. Hobbyland reserves the right to modify or replace any information, materials, products or services described on this site at any time and for any reason. Hobbyland carries no responsibility and will not be upheld claims based on pricing or typographical errors on this site. Hobbyland reserves the right to refuse orders at any time, including orders that contain incorrect prices or incorrect description of the product orders, which Hobbyland suspected to be in breach of existing laws and orders that Hobbyland considered detrimental its owner or its interests. Hobbyland reserves the right to restrict the supply of the number of products or the number of orders made by one person through this site.


All goods purchased from the site of Hobbyland will be sent by couriers. For any loss or break the integrity of the goods in the time of delivery to the customer is solely responsible Courier Service. By signing the receipt for acceptance of the product, you acknowledge that you have received the goods in kind, quantity and quality that meet your order to Hobbyland.


Hobbyland welcomes any comments about your experience in examining and shopping from its site, and your suggestions on improving the content, structure or other elements of the site. Any comments, ideas and suggestions concerning the content, programming or anything relating to this site will be considered as property of Hobbyland and Hobbyland will have the right to use, distribute, develop and sell these ideas and proposals without the express consent of their authors - in any form, shape and technology now known or future holder and waives any claim for rights to those ideas and suggestions now and in the future.


This site is created and controlled by Hobbyland Ltd., registered under the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria would apply in respect of these rights and obligations. All disputes arising under the operation of this contract and the attendant rights and obligations will be treated and solved by a court in Bulgaria, and all parties agree explicitly that they accept the jurisdiction of that court.

Entire Agreement

These rights and obligations, together with self-commitments of Hobbyland concerning guarantees, dispatch, security policy and other similar commitments carried from us on this site compose the entire agreement between Hobbyland and you.