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1:72 BRITISH 40 MM QF 2-pdr ANTITANK GUN WITH CREW - snap-fit

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Plastic scale model kit – snap-fit.
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1:72 BRITISH 40 MM QF 2-pdr ANTITANK GUN WITH CREW – snap-fit

Commonly known simply as the 2 pounder gun, this 40mm cannon was originally designed to serve as the tank gun for the Vickers Cruiser Tank Mk. I. For economic and standardization reasons, the British government decided to use it as the standard anti-tank gun as well. Thus, in 1936, the Ordnance QF 2 pounder Mark IX on Carriage Mark II was born. The gun carriage, designed by Woolwich Arsenal, could be used to tow the gun or converted into a firing platform with a 360-degree traverse by removing the wheels. The 2 pounder gun was more powerful than other anti-tank guns of the time (which were typically 20mm to 37mm). But, this added power came at the price of much greater weight and a high profile that made it easier for the enemy to locate and target the gun. As tank armor improved over the course of the war, however, it quickly became clear that the 2 pounder was not strong enough, and after 1941 it was gradually replaced by more powerful 6 pounder guns. The 2 pounders were never issued high explosive ammunition, which further reduced its effectiveness against unarmored targets. Contents: 2 unpainted soldiers 1 gun - 1 unit base with flag - 1 unit card

Additional Information

Article No ZVE6169
Article No of Manufacturer 6169
Аvailability AVAILABLE
Colour For colouring
Scale 1:72
Manufacturer ZVEZDA
Brand No
Series No
EAN 4600327061690
Material Polystyrene (plastic).
Epoch 1914-1918 World war I
Age recommendation Not suitable for children under 14 years.

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